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Rann Bhoomi Foundation (RBF) is a non-profit organization and is run by active youths who are working to render support and help various stakeholders for awareness, prevention, control of Viral Hepatitis.

Worldwide, approximately 240 million people have chronic hepatitis B virus infection and 130–150 million have chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Without an expanded and accelerated response, the number of people living with hepatitis B virus is projected to remain at the current, high levels for the next 40–50 years, with a cumulative 20 million deaths occurring between 2015 and 2030.

The World Hepatitis Alliance’s (WHA) global campaign – Find the Missing Millions – is a three-year global awareness-raising and advocacy campaign aimed at tackling the main barriers to diagnosis by putting civil society organisations and the affected community at the heart of the solution. The Find the Missing Millions campaign will tackle the main barriers by leveraging the unique and critical role civil society organisations and the affected community play in scaling-up diagnosis. 


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Surender Kumar

Suren studied at University Collage Rohtak, gaining a Master Degree in Business Administration. He believes in enriching the human experience and helping people meet their highest potential. He is the founder of Rann Bhoomi Foundation. 

Dr MP Singh

Dr. Manjul Pratap Singh has Ph.D in agriculture with over 20 years of experience in farmer's relation and transfer of novel agriculture technologies in India and aboard. His aspiration is to serve the rural community through empowering knowledge based innovative technologies that benefit communities and create values.

Sandeep Godara

Sandeep is a creative visualizer and the driving force in the team. His subtle, warm, elegant personality and more than willing to help spirit has always made his very approachable.

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It has been our pleasure to work with the team at The Rann Bhoomi Foundation.  The daily hard work and diligence that Mr. Suren Parasher has given to his passion for a clean and Hepatitis-free India has been an inspiration to us at IndiAmigo Association as well as the many villages he has touched with his message.  I don’t know of many people who can keep up with his hard work and drive towards such a quality vision and mission.  And they do it all with a loving and glad heart that is simply selfless and focused on those that need their message the most.

- Ron Hjertstedt

Founder/Director IndiAmigo Association