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Project Asmita

Project Asmita

Menstrual Hygiene Management is a subject of ‘Silence’ and discussion of the topic among women or even between mother and daughter is very limited. Menstruation is a very important natural body process among women which cannot be avoided. It is a distinct step into womanhood for the adolescent girls. Therefore, it is imperative for every one of them to have awareness about menstrual hygiene. But lacking basic education and health knowledge, it becomes difficult for many women, especially in rural villages and slum areas, to comprehend the long-term effect of poor menstrual hygiene and they finally end up with a lot of health issues such as infertility. Awareness at the right age can make a big difference in the betterment of their health and hygiene.

Rann Bhoomi Foundation and KarmaKonnect United recommend that groups that provide services to women evaluate their programs to determine whether a woman or girl has:

Through Project Asmita, awareness camps will be the change agent of empowerment. They will be delivered in rural areas and urban slums through field partners (they're trained NGOs & Volunteers). 

Women under Project Asmita, will know about resources for help.

We cannot tell you how many people (including us!) have a poor understanding of government schemes. Project Asmita is going to shine light on them, the government provisions focused on women’s welfare and development.

The best part is: we've put together a Kit for the ladies. Now YOU can contribute. So donate an Asmita Kit: Rs.300 per kit

This kit includes:

1) Re-usable eco-friendly sanitary napkins,

2) hygiene products and

3) self-help literature.