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Let’s forget that serious ‘MENSTRUATION TALK”. Open the lines of conversation with our daughters to cope with her first period..

The very first period can become a surprise to a young girl... For me it was a shock and a fear that lasted inside me nearly for year and a half. To understand from the fact that it’s a normal procedure which transits us from my childhood as a teenager and gradually a young woman? I took more than 365 days to accept the fact that it’s the major milestone in my life. Gradually, my mother made me understood with time it marks the shift from girlhood to womanhood, since getting a period signifies that a girl can get pregnant.

When I used to go to school I used to be so scared with tears in my eyes that I’ll get a spot on my white tunic , how will I do PT. Everyone will laugh at me.. Cramps... Oohhh God!! How can we survive with this much of bleeding? Every month I used to sit under a tree near our assembly ground telling my teachers I’m not well but I couldn’t last this excuse longer. I used to feel ashamed while talking what’s happening with me to anyone as if I’ve stolen something and I am under suspicion.. then a fine day we were told to move to a classroom next to ours where I was super excited that we’ll see a movie today which will somehow relax me from this trauma but yeah picture was played but!!!! It was on how this 5 day process work. I felt so ashamed that they’ll show in public how it comes, colour, how and which to use... A BIG NO.

But it was shown, and it turned my life upside down, I came to know it’s not only me; every other girl has to undergo this 5 day cycle to turn into a beautiful woman. I realized why I am facing mood swings, how should I care about my diet, how to carry myself… I practised, became carefree, started speaking to my friends clearly if I had pain, used to tell my teachers … moreover, asked shopkeeper for sanitary napkin and that too without hesitating in front of salesman which earlier I used to pray that no one should be around…and I saw a big change in myself and I was selected as a captain of my green house in school…

Open the Lines of Communication

The age at which young girls start menstruating can vary widely, with some girls getting their first period as early as 8 years old and others not until they are 15. We as mother’s should understand the smallest fears of our children which we might not remember but often had faced in our teenage too and many of us had been bought up in joint family where our elders don’t think right to discuss about this major change in our life which could be made lighter by just couple of words.

C’mon!! One should not panic if it’s a light spot, instead you should congratulate your child stepping in her teenage and boost her that she’ll be more responsible and understanding too!! Many a times, girls a year before their first period experience a marked growth spurt, breast development or pubic hair growth. It could also be if your daughter is showing various emotional changes you shouldn’t argue with her demanding nature, changing behaviour, being in isolation or may be being more in friend circle. Understand her very small issues, before speaking or landing on to a decision notice what is happening to her. This is normal, too, but all the more reason for a serious heart-to-heart.


  • Don’t stop your child from taking bath during her periods, let her be clean, confident and feel herself at her best.
  • No vegetable, fruit or pickle will smell rot if she touches it. Allow her freedom.
  • Allow her beverages, curd and rice in her diet if she wants to nothing will give her cramps. Add positive words to enhance her confidence.
  • Why to stop her praying during her periods at holy places. It’s clean, natural and healthy.
  • If she enjoys cooking meals feel free to cook with her. Mothers are best friends when it come s to their daughters. Give space to her. Nothing will go wrong with the food which she touches.
  • Washing her hairs during periods will not affect her flow of bleeding and will not cause infertility in future. It’s only you first who can explain her, No one else.
  • Touching or watering plants doesn’t destroy their growth. They need nurturing too. Be frank with her.
  • Normal PT, dance, exercise will affect her uterus. NO. Wish her luck during her competitions on her periods.
  • Don’t teach her to wash her pads before disposing as ghost will follow her. The initial phase of menstruation is enough to handle for her rather than this new fact to her.

Blog Writer

Sakshi Chandana