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What We Do

Water, Sanitation and Health:

To meet our objectives, we implement various activities throughout the year round in order to meet our objectives and help community to improve quality of life through better health.

Create awareness, education and knowledge among the people on Water, Sanitation and Health through IEC (Information, Education and Communication) and BCC (Behavioural Change Communication) programs

Motivate people and facilitating activities with the aim of making village Open Defecation Free. It will involve conducting sensitization workshop, puppet shows involving local leaders and community

Identification of drop out under UIP & private hospital vaccination. Household survey to be conducted for 100% households & vaccination cards are checked for proper vaccination schedule & dropouts are identified.

Organize Health Awareness Program- An intensive campaign for awareness generation will be held using different method such as health awareness camp, meeting, and events, street plays one to one, big events and sensitization with various groups of the society.

Immunization of Children for Hepatitis B

Achieve better understanding of infection, transmission, prevention and care of viral hepatitis in at-risk and general populations.

Achieve reduction of outbreaks of HAV and HEV by improving sanitary behaviour and consumption of safe water.

Achieve the highest (more than 95%) hepatitis B vaccination rates among children and increase vaccination of at-risk adults.

Educate pregnant women and women of childbearing age about prevention of hepatitis B.

Encourage notification of household contacts of infected people to be tested for HBV and HCV and encourage hepatitis B vaccination of close contacts.

Support the establishment of collaboration with patient and advocacy groups for viral hepatitis and other partners involved in the viral hepatitis prevention and control programme.

Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate educational information for all persons who have tested positive for chronic HBV or HCV infection and those who are receiving treatment.

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